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When you arrive at Joplin Avenue Coffee Company, you will find us in the back on Sunday mornings at 10:30 AM.  If it is your first time you will find the Ministry team relaxing drinking coffee at one of the many tables in the back room.

We would like to invite you to come and enjoying your Wi-Fi and Latte, take a moment and connect with others and your faith.  Come relax where our fellowship is not confined or defined by walls and addresses; but friendships, worship, and a deeper understanding of your faith. Since God sees all of us in our everyday life, we want you to be comfortable and come just the way you are. Whatever you would wear to the coffee shop is perfect for us. If we are lucky, you might even teach us a few things about fashion and style!

The set up in the back room will allow for you to check us out at a level of comfort that you can handle. Grab a random table to observe and enjoy the music and discussion (tell us later what you thought on our Facebook page); or join us around the tables by the stage if you’re a “jump right in” type of person and want to engage and share in the discussions and make new friends.

Hope Community would love to get to know you, your dreams and goals, and how your faith journey is going and how we might help. We would enjoy having you as a regular friend and helper as we seek to serve our community, provide a place for true connection and friendship, learn more about God and our faith, etc. Were convinced your story (so far and still to come) will make our story even better.

We try real hard to not be pushy or too religious, but it is our Hope that people will come to know Jesus Christ and the Father more deeply when they hang out with us. Maybe when you hear our stories you will see why Jesus has become so meaningful and important to us, and why we are committed to learning about and serving Him better. We have a simple prayer and mission to “Love * Declare * Serve” Jesus Christ together.

Stop by for some coffee; make some new friends, and together we can blend a meaningful and eternal faith that becomes the 3rd place in our lives that brings peace, answers, and direction to everything else we do!